Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Six Songs For 2016

Here are six songs that we'll be learning in 2016, with more to follow later in the year. The words for these (pdf file) can be downloaded using this link.

You can download recordings of these songs using the links given below. NB If you have to pay to download data on a mobile device you should not play the songs directly from this web page, but instead download the mp3 files and play these.

The Woodcutter’s Song:
You can download the mp3 file here.

The Magpie:
You can download the mp3 file here.

The Turnip Hoer:
You can download the mp3 file here.

Jim, The Carter Lad:
You can download the mp3 file here.

They Won’t Let Us Go To Sea Anymore:
You can download the mp3 file here.

Poor Froze-Out Gardeners:
You can download the mp3 file here.

Singing at Worthing Sow & Grow Seed Swap, Saturday 6th February

Timings for SDFS at the Seed Swap Event, 6th Feb

As last year:
For approx 20 mins.

The MC / Town Crier / Bob Smytherman  will need to intercede briefly (between songs) just before 2.00pm & 3.00pm to remind folk that the next talk will be starting. You can liaise with Bob if you would like to use the mic yourselves to explain any songs etc.
We will be in the same location as last year. There is a £2 entry fee.

There's more information on the organiser's website here.

Here are the song lists. These are the revised lists that were announced at the Beechwood on 3rd February.

First set
Country Life
On Sussex Hills
The Turnip Hoer
Life Of A Man
West Sussex Drinking Song

Second set
Twanky Dillo
Poor Froze-Out Gardeners
Rosebuds In June
Thousands Or More

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Slindon Village Wassail – Saturday 16th January 2016

Here's the latest information for singers going to this event.

This song list below replaces the one sent by email. NB the order of the songs has not yet been decided.

The new wassail songs can be heard (and the words downloaded) here, but please do not be concerned if you don't know them, there will be plenty of choruses to join in.

  • Gloucestershire Wassail
  • Sussex Hills
  • new wassail – Here We Come a-Wassailing
  • Sussex Drinking Song
  • Dave G leading on the wassail to the tune of God Rest Ye (Sugar Wassail) and the rest of us joining in on the chorus
  • Country Life
  • Thousands or More
  • Rolling Home (maybe if there's time, and perhaps only verses 1, 3 and 5)
  • Finish perhaps with the first verse of the Gloucestershire Wassail through a few times and inviting participation from the non-singing wassailers

At Slindon Jubilee Orchard next to The Forge Shop & Cafe in Reynolds Lane, 7-9pm.

Transport yourself back in time with the old English tradition of Wassailing orchards. With a bonfire, Morris dancers, music, singing, mulled cider and a general folksy atmosphere, together we will toast the trees to ensure a plentiful crop and scare away the evil spirits.

Outdoor event so wear warm clothing suitable to the evening weather.

It will be dark, so bring a torch!

For more information, see here (scroll down to Slindon Wassail – it promises market stalls, with 'Slindon Wassail' mugs from the local pottery for sale) and here.

Four Wassailing Songs

At our January Beechwood singing session we sang four wassailing songs. The words for these (pdf file) can be downloaded using this link.

The first was Wassail! Wassail! (The Gloucestershire Wassail) which we have already sung in public performances. Below are recordings of the other three.

Here We Come A-Wassailing:
You can download the mp3 file here.

Sugar Wassail:
You can download the mp3 file here.

Apple Tree Wassailing Song:
You can download the mp3 file here.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

And Now For Something Completely Different!

Last year I took part in this and it was great fun all day with Apollo Five and Emily Barden, who are lovely people / great teachers who taught us a whole slew of songs, for the performance at the end of the day.

The acoustics of Petworth church complement the singing. You can understand why it is such a good venue for Petworth Festival's music events.

Last year it was in  support of cancer research/awareness/support as well, with nearly 100 participants.

John C

After their very successful day with us this year, Apollo5 are looking forward to returning to Petworth on February 27th 2016 with a brand new programme for us to sing together.

Plans are well under way, and you can download a poster and Booking Form. Please advertise this as widely as you can, and print some copies of the poster if possible and distribute them in your locality. If you would like a laminated version either ask Emily Barden, or let me know and I will get one to you.

To secure your place please complete the Booking Form and return it to us as soon as possible. The Booking Form is a Word document and if you save it, you should then be able to open it and complete it on screen. Once completed, save it as a version with your name in the title, and email it back to us. We will reply to let you know that you have a place to sing on the day.

Also, please forward this information to any of your friends and family who would like to join in the fun.

Any queries – let me know!
Look forward to seeing you again
Kind regards

If you have any queries, please use the contact details on the Booking Form (download link is given above).

Thursday, 10 December 2015

South Downs Folk Singers Wassail!

We will soon be welcoming the new year with our “Wassail” gathering in the evening of 23rd January, 2016 at the Heene Gallery, Heene Road in Worthing.

South Downs Folk singers, plus family and friends, are invited join us for this festive frolic – bringing food, drink, and songs to share with all for a merry time.

Tickets are £2.50 each.  Numbers are limited so get in quickly and secure your tickets NOW by contacting Margo (NB not Henny as previously given here and as given erroneously in the email you may have received), via the South Downs Folk Singers email.

(Tickets will also be available at our local singing sessions in December – but don't delay, confirm today!)


Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Slindon Apple Day

A brief report on Slindon Apple Day was published a month ago, but the photos have only just been added. See them here.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Sweet Chiming Bells

Here's the recording we made of Sweet Chiming Bells at the Beechwood on Wednesday 2nd December.

You can download the audio file using one of the links below. It's available in different file sizes with the larger files giving better audio quality. However, unless you have good equipment, quiet surroundings and discerning ears, you may struggle to hear any difference between these.

Sweet_Chiming_Bells_128kbps.mp3 128kbps 2.93MB
Sweet_Chiming_Bells_192kbps.mp3 192kbps 4.40MB
Sweet_Chiming_Bells_320kbps.mp3 320kbps 7.33MB
Sweet_Chiming_Bells.flac lossless 17.5MB (your computer or audio player may not recognise this format)

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Find us on Facebook

For some time now we've had a page on Facebook, which you can find here. For future use you will also find a link to this in the column to the left, below the Twitter panel. Thanks to Colin for setting this up for us.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Haywards Heath 'Winter Festival' – Saturday 28th November

We have 17 Singers so far supporting this event (as at 16th Nov) but it would be great if some more of you could come.

Festive hats etc optional, song set list as used at the WADOAMuseum 'Christmas Market' last Sunday.

Our initial set is in the Orchards Shopping Precinct commencing at 11.15am with cover and general amplification, so gather at 11.00am there. Please car share if possible.

Our base for the day is St Wilfred's Hall (see map below) where parking is available, as well as the other car parks in the town which are free for the day. There will be free beverages, warmth and clean toilets there. The best way to get there is from Church Road, turn into St Wilfred's Way.

After refreshment we will sing a song or two at three other locations in the town which can be under cover if the weather is inclement.

There is a large torchlight procession as it gets dark, dragging the Yule Log to the park for burning, with fireworks to follow.

Contact mobile on the day is 07542 167828.

For further information about this event see www.hhcommunitycic.org.

John C