Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Workshop Solo CD Tracks

Recently Alan W passed a CD to me containing solo singing tracks that were recorded at the end of the original HLF workshops, with a suggestion that I make them available to everybody here. I had not heard any of these recordings previously and most probably some of you haven't either. You can download these tracks as mp3 files using the links below. Unfortunately there is no information regarding the song titles or the names of the singers, so if you can help with any of these please either leave a comment or email southdownsfolksingers@gmail.com.

Track No01.mp3
Track No02.mp3
Track No03.mp3
Track No04.mp3
Track No05.mp3
Track No06.mp3
Track No07.mp3
Track No08.mp3
Track No09.mp3
Track No10.mp3

If you would like to download all the tracks together in a single zip file, go to this page. In the upper-right corner you will see a blue 'Download' button. Click this and then select 'Download as .zip'. You will then be asked if you want to create a Dropbox account, but you don't need to do this, just click on 'No thanks, continue to download' at the bottom.

Keith D

Thursday, 7 May 2015

The 'Food & Folk Festival' at the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum

On Sunday 3rd May a goodly number of South Downs Folk Singers attended the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum to entertain the good people at the Food and Folk Festival. Led by Emily we moved away from the refreshment tent entrance across the grass towards the outside tables and seating and when we were all gathered we launched into song. We sang two separate sets of songs lasting just over half an hour each with no chat in between songs but with lots of good humour in our presentation. Amazingly people stayed in their seats to listen and applauded us after many numbers (louder applause for the jolly songs than for the sad ones, but I suppose this is only natural). People even came forward and showed their appreciation by putting money into our collecting bucket. The highlight of the afternoon was when we were singing “Thousands or More” and the clouds started to break up so that just as we got to Bright Phoebe awakes so high up in the sky the sun came out and made us all smile.

Thanks to Peter B for the photos below.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

“Country Life” Harmony

At our extra Beechwood practice session on 29th April Emily introduced a harmony for the chorus of Country Life. Here's a recording which you can use for practice.

Download the mp3 file here.

Monday, 20 April 2015

News from Cotillion

Update 20th April: Please note there has been a revision to the venues/dates since this post was first published.

Hi folk singers
Just to remind you that Anne, Alan, Bonnie Flitney and her cousin Linda Nichol – Cotillion – are performing one of their Folk Shows "The Last Trip Home" locally in West Grinstead Parish Church on the 24th April starting at 7pm, and in Cowfold Village Hall on the 25th April starting at 7pm, both in support of the local churches. Doors open at 6.30pm for both. A melange of songs, tunes, poems, sayings regarding the change over from horse and ox to the tractor etc.; some joyful some sad. I'm sure you will be able to get tickets at the door. Snacks in the interval.

Details on our website www.reverbnation.com/cotillion4

Alan and Anne

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Local Group Report – Easebourne Thursday 16th April 2015

Grateful thanks are due to the stalwart band of singers who made their way to the Three Moles public house at Selham last night. Present were Stephen Alberry, Shirley Blott, Julie Thurston, Georgina Myring, Phil & Angela Barber, Sue & Dave Garrard, and Anne & Alan Wheeler. We practised lustily and sang all 21 songs on the song list for the upcoming "Food and Folk Festival" next month at the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum. We certainly have plenty of songs in hand for this event - and the regulars in the bar were quite tickled by us singing the praises of such things as Curly Kale, Gooch's Beer, and the swipes they take in at the Three Moles Inn! We sang for the best part of two hours with a twenty minute break in the middle to socialise and replenish our glasses. The acoustics in the small but intimate bar are just right for our singing, so if you'd like to come and see how it is at our next month's sing on Thursday 21st May you'd be most welcome to join us!

Friday, 10 April 2015

Ha’nacker Mill revisited

I am informed that at our last Beechwood singing session (on 1st April - I wasn't there myself) a small change was made to our previously recorded version of Ha'nacker Mill. To be specific, the penultimate note of each verse has been raised by a semitone. New versions of the previously issued recordings are given below.
Keith D

Download the lead sheet (pdf) here.

Here’s our recording from "Wednesday at the Beechwood" (this was recorded at the previous Beechwood session on 4th March and subsequently edited to reflect the change):

Download the mp3 file here.

Piano recording (computer generated and without pauses) for the first verse:

Download the mp3 file here.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

'Food & Folk Festival' at the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum, Sunday 3rd May 2015

Update 13th April: The times and location have been added at the end of this post.
A new one for us as the folk element of the weekend has come to the fore to ring changes on the previous format.

We will be doing two approximately 30 minute sets, one before lunch and one afterwards, exact times and other details will be confirmed to participating Singers at least 10 days before the event.

For this year at the Museum we have been issued with wristbands for the day, instead of passes which will make it easier for you to return to your vehicles in the overflow car park during the day if you want to.

Please in the first instance email me (southdownsfolksingers@gmail.com) that you are definitely coming and whether you can pick up your wristband at one of the three monthly meetings in April, at Worthing, Midhurst or Lewes. I will have them with me on the 1st April meeting at Worthing.

As it is the beginning of the season there will be an EXTRA TIME practice session on Wednesday 29th April at the Beechwood Hotel, Worthing to polish up the selected song list for the Museum performances which will form the core of our set list for the season, with odd songs added or deleted to suit the various venues through to October.

John C

The organiser's website is here.
Here are the songs we will be singing (download this list here):
First Set:
  1. Twanky Dillo
  2. On Sussex Hills
  3. Ale, Glorious Ale
  4. Life Of A Man
  5. The Nightingale Song
  6. Hard Times Of Old England
  7. All Things Are Quite Silent
  8. Green Grow The Laurel
  9. Rolling In The Dew
  10. Rosebuds In June
  11. Fathom The Bowl
Second Set:
  1. West Sussex Drinking Song
  2. Old Adam
  3. Ha’nacker Mill
  4. Country Life
  5. Ladies Go Dancing
  6. Thousands Or More
  7. Ebernoe Horn Fair
  8. Gooch’s Beer
  9. Rosebuds In June
  10. Home Lads, Home
  11. Sussex By The Sea
We will be singing 12.00-12.30pm and 2.00-2.30pm in the main field adjacent to the tea tent in the middle of the food area, or if very wet under the brick shed. Please arrive well before we are due to start singing.

Local Group Report – Lewes Tuesday 17th March 2015

The John HarveyTavern off Cliffe High Street is proving a good move. The pub's "snug" room with its low ceilings creates an atmosphere conducive to singing through our repertoire and so far we haven't been asked to take our noise elsewhere.

In February, four new faces turned up and the good news is three of them returned in March.  Also another party of four turned up from Newhaven thinking that the Tavern hosted a proper folk club every Tuesday. They stayed for the whole evening's entertainment – three of them hailed from County Durham so they were enlightened by our strange Sussex ways.


Saturday, 21 March 2015

Singing in Slindon – Friday 20th March 2015

Celebration of Northwood Sculpture Project held in Slindon Parish Church

Many thanks to Amaryllis for leading our singing at this event and well done to everybody present. Here are messages from Amaryllis and from the event organisers:
Yes, it did go well! Proof below! And great thanks to all the lovely singers who appeared from all parts of Sussex to give SDFS a really specially treatment. Emily would have been really proud of us all!

Have a very happy official Spring day!

Warm regards,

Dear Amaryllis & John

Very many thanks for your wonderful contribution to our event last night.
The songs were beautifully chosen and superbly sung – it really added an effective and complimentary element to the evening and lots of people commented how much they enjoyed the 'light and shade' you added to the entertainment.

Please pass on our thanks to all the other singers too – we really appreciated the fact that so many came along and joined in the whole evening so enthusiastically.

Very best wishes

Jon & Mike

Thursday, 19 March 2015

The Sovereign Seas Maritime Folk Festival

Here is news we have received of an upcoming Folk Festival being held in aid of RNLI Newhaven, which may be of interest.

We are writing on behalf of Newhaven & District Lifeboat Society to make you aware of an upcoming Folk Festival being held in aid of RNLI Newhaven.

We are proud to announce that the arrival of Spring will see the good folk of the local and surrounding areas enjoying the Sovereign Seas Maritime Folk Festival taking place over the weekend of 27th, 28th and 29th March.

Following their two successful Sea Shanty and Entertainment evenings during 2014, Hard Pressed, joined by Charlotte and Spong, John Cave, Long Man Morris and Marlings Clog, among others, will be returning to perform at Newhaven Lifeboat House as well as at Seaford Folk Club, The Ship and The Ark Public Houses, raising vital funds in aid of RNLI Newhaven.  This Folk Festival weekend really is one not to be missed.

Further information is available from www.sovereignseasfestival.co.uk

Ticket enquiries and bookings email: rnlinewhaven.society@hotmail.co.uk

Come along for the opportunity to support the local lifeboat whilst enjoying being entertained by like-minded Folk!  Please be kind enough to forward this email on to your friends, family, work colleagues and anyone else you think may be interested – the more the merrier!

Support your local lifeboat - Respect the water.
Kind Regards
Paula & Graham Hillman
(Joint Secretaries Newhaven & District Lifeboat Society)