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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Meeting to set up the committee

Notice of a meeting to elect the officers needed to form a committee to run the South Downs Folk Singers

Date: Monday 18th November 2013
Venue: Beechwood Hall Hotel (in the downstairs meeting room)
Time: 7.30pm


1. Apologies for absence

2. Agreement of committee make-up (ie members / roles) - the committee can change this once in office.
Roles of officers can be considered to be based on the details supplied previously and published on the blog.
Suggested committee posts are those shown on the blog.

3. Election of committee

Updates on items from 9 October meeting:
4. Carols with Brighton Morris (now the Napier Quire)

5. Uploading files to the blog

6. Monthly sessions

7. Any other business

8. Date of first committee meeting

All SDFS singers are very welcome to attend, whether or not they wish to become committee members.

If you have an item you wish to see added to the agenda, please bring it along and, time permitting, we'll discuss it.

Adrian F

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