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Friday, 27 December 2013

Merry (hic!) Xmas!

A very merry Xmas to all of the South Downs Folk Singers!  (No it's not over: today is day #3: there's nine more to go.  If you've got children, then that's lovely.  And exhausting.)  The end of Xmas is of course, not necessarily twelfth night as some customs carry it considerably further - the Christian faith into February in fact, when Candlemas is celebrated. The greenery (holly, ivy, mistletoe etc) has a religious connection but was not originally so related: an interesting page with more info is here.

And from Xmas, we drink seamlessly into Wassailing - which is all to do with singing for a good harvest in the forthcoming year and generally involves apples rather a lot.  Lots of interesting stuff about wassailing and the songs here.

Meanwhile, if you are not a South Downs Folk Singer yet, there's no time to lose!  Come and join us: check out the Latest News and Diary dates pages and explore the rest of the blog to learn more.

Happy New Year!

Adrian F

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