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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Wednesday at the Beechwood

We had a good session at the Beechwood last night, ably led by Emily - more details on the Local Group News page.  Linda brought the tickets for the party too - get yours now!  Only £2!! 

And yesterday saw the first of the voluntary contribution buckets - a natty design by Phil Barber (or was it Angela?  Or both of them??!!) - whereby people can put in a small amount on each occasion so that we can build up some funds for the future.  We hope to do this at the other sessions too.  Currently, we have no other funding source (until the post of Funding Officer is filled: that role will persuade organizations to give us lots of money - because we're worth it!) and we need to be able to produce publicity, hire the occasional hall, produce CDs etc.  A suggested amount is £2 per session.

Thanks to everyone who chipped in. 

Adrian F

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