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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Local Group Report – Durrington Seed Swap 8th February 2014

The Seed Swap at Durrington went really well yesterday.  I should imagine about 20 of us sang – including four men who did very well indeed with all our female voices!  It was a very good, tasty and interesting day.  I don't think anyone left empty-handed.  Seeds to buy at such terrific prices, plants, trees, mushrooms and the food and the cakes!!!!!!!!

We ended up doing both sets in the main hall and it worked just fine.  We had, especially for the second set, Leigh's granddaughter Jesse, dancing and smiling constantly – just what was needed to get the group to smile!  She was a delight and a joy and should be hired for all our future gigs!  Lorna told us that an elderly chap with a stick wondered what we were all doing!  Our guess was that he was deaf and just saw a motley group of people with their mouths opening and closing in unison!!

It was great to have so many lovely singers turning up and making it a very special afternoon.


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