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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Local Group Report – Lewes Tuesday 18th February 2014

At Lewes Tuesday on 18th February we welcomed two very different new singers from opposite ends of the folk spectrum.  Cat Hogan from Brighton is a younger singer who frequents various Brighton folk clubs and she heard about us at the Brighton Pub Carols with the Napier Quire in December at the Park Crescent. Andy Miller from Lewes was having a quiet pint in the downstairs bar at the Royal Oak when he fell into conversation, firstly with Tina and then with Mac, and was persuaded to come upstairs and join our session.  Although he had not sung in public for over 30 years, he knew several Copper songs from memory and had a wealth of knowledge of the local Lewes folk scene past and present.  He has also worked at Harvey’s Brewery for 43 years so maybe has some new drinking songs for our repertoire…!

We warmed up with Sussex by the Sea then revisited and consolidated some numbers from January (Where Stormy Winds do Blow, Old Adam, Blacksmith, Life of a Man, Unquiet Grave, Rolling in the Dew, before turning to Thousands or More and Fathom the Bowl and ending as usual with Jolly Good Song).

A very enjoyable evening!  We would love to welcome anyone else who would like to join us in Lewes next month.


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