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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Follow us on Twitter...

Here's a message from Julie T, who is looking after our brand new Twitter account:

I am giving Twitter a go as a way of promoting the SDFS, both to encourage new singers to join us and for possible future event bookings. If you would like to follow the Twitter feed we are the SDownsFolkSingers. As you can see, the Twitter feed has also now been added to the Blog (it's in the column to the left, below the Diary panel). It would be good to get some followers from the SDFS, but primarily I will be following other organisations such as the Weald & Downland Museum, The South Downs Folk Festival, and Amberley Museum etc. so that we get our name out and about.

Any suggestions for either who to follow on Twitter or anything you would like to be Tweeted you can either email me at (bearing in mind you can only send out a maximum of 140 characters per Tweet), or if you are a Twitter user, Tweet us yourself!

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