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Friday, 18 March 2016

Local Group Report – Easebourne Thursday 17th March 2016

Seven of us made it out to the Three Moles in Selham to be greeted by our hosts and asked to wear funny hats in honour of Saint Patrick! We returned the favour by drinking Guinness and singing a medley of snippets of all the Irish songs that we knew. Then we settled down to a pleasant evening, practising many of our new songs. After Drink Old England Dry and Ale Glorious Ale we tackled a couple of Rudyard Kipling songs – Oak Ash & Thorn and Follow me ‘Ome – and then sang The Magpie, Ha’nacker Mill, The Turnip Hoer, The Woodcutter’s Song, They won’t let us go to sea anymore and Sussex By The Sea. We finished as usual with Rolling Home. As usual there were a lot of jokes and laughter and some cheery banter with a local farmer who was fascinated by our Magpie song! We look forward to seeing more of you at our next sing on Thursday 21st April.

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