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Monday, 11 April 2016

Local Group Report – Beechwood, Wednesday 6th April 2016

The Beechwood session was again nearly full to the brim with regular attenders plus some new faces, welcome all!  With notices and reminders about future events, our singing, and some nattering, it was a lively and sociable evening. We began with a hearty rendition of “Country Life” before continuing work on some of the newer additions to our repertoire: “Pleasant and Delightful”, “The Woodcutters Song”, “The Turnip Hoers”, “The Magpie” and “The Poor Froze-Out Gardeners”.  Thank you to Emily for her skilful leadership and teaching, including her guidance on possible harmony options for “The Magpie”. (Work on these and on our other songs for the new event season will continue at our Extra performance preparation session at the Beechwood on 27th April, 7.30pm – all SDFS performers welcome.)


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