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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Local Group Report – Beechwood, Wednesday 4th May 2016

SDF Singers from Worthing and other areas, including two newcomers to the fold, gathered again at Beechwood Hall on a warm May evening.  After starting with Sussex Hills, and discussing the newly proposed set of Kipling’s songs to be tackled at our next session, we continued work to polish the details of our other ‘new’ songs - the chopping rhythm in The Woodcutters, the vigour of The Turnip Hoers (which as ever produced a few chuckles at the chorus) and the rich tones of The Magpie.  Also, Pleasant and Delightful, once the words to match the version used on in the “Secret Shore” songs project had been confirmed.  After these and the usual breaks for event news and refreshment, we concluded with the ever popular (but not actually part of our official South Downs collection) Rolling Home, which served well to wind down before going our separate ways.

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