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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Local Group Report – Beechwood, Wednesday 6th July 2016

After warming up with Thousands or More, our minds turned to Kipling and our Bateman’s event in August. We enjoyed working on A Smuggler’s Song, with ladies and gents taking turns to sing the verses, then Oak, Ash and Thorn, with Emily guiding those interested in adding a low harmony line to this. It was suggested by one of our singers that we do The Turnip Hoer with the verses sung by the chaps and the ladies joining in the fun on the choruses. This worked well, as did The Magpie when the verses were this time carried by the ladies in contrast to the deeper tone of the choruses when the men joined in. The Woodcutter’s Song and Poor Froze-Out Gardeners followed, before Oak, Ash and Thorn was reprised, with Emily leading us through a two- and then a four-part round on the last chorus. A productive and fun evening indeed, thank you all!

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