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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Local Group Report – Easebourne Thursday 21st July 2016

Twelve of us met at The Three Moles in Selham near Midhurst on Thursday 21st July to enjoy a few drinks and have another really jolly sing. We were especially pleased to be joined by a new member – Jean – and to welcome back four new members – Robin and Sue, and Gordon and Debbie – who had come to our session in May. We practised a dozen or so songs from the SDFS repertoire, sometimes repeating a song just to make sure we were singing it correctly! Old favourites like Fathom the Bowl and Hard Times of Old England were sung alongside newer songs such as the Smuggler’s Song and The Magpie and songs that we felt we needed to revisit like All Things Are Quite Silent and Home Lads Home. We finished up with a hearty renderings of songs like The Turnip Hoer, the Ebernoe Horn Fair Song, Sussex By the Sea and Rolling Home.  It’s not just the singing though that makes us go home with a warm feeling of satisfaction – it’s the realisation that we’ve just spent a couple of hours together with friends in a spirit of happy conviviality! The next Three Moles sing will be on Thursday 18th August.

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