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Monday, 27 February 2017

Local Group Report – Lewes – Tuesday 21st February 2017

We were a select group of seven who met at The John Harvey Tavern. At last we were able to present a seasonal gift to Tina as a thank you for all her hard work that makes our meetings so fruitful and enjoyable. We started singing with a boisterous Country Life, continuing with Where Stormy Winds Do Blow, Farmer’s Toast, Ha’nacker Mill, The Turmut Hoer, The Woodcutter’s Song, Pleasant and Delightful, The Magpie and Constant Lovers.

In the break we discussed the two short sets that we might sing at The Star, Alfriston, in June – most will be from the selection above. During the second half we needed to work on They Won’t Let Us Go To Sea Anymore and Seasons Turn, but generally the songs like Oak, Ash and Thorn, Poor Froze-Out Gardeners, A Smuggler’s Song and Thousands or More flowed easily as there were no new people to accommodate. Penultimately, we attempted Adrian’s East Sussex Drinking Song but now, as recent research reveals, we have to sing that Lewes once had nine breweries – eight more than they do now!

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